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Beyond Urban Hospitals- Filling the Stroke Care Gap

Even with over 1000-1500 qualified neurointerventionalists countrywide, many rural and suburban areas face a gap in advanced stroke care.

Although stroke is the fifth leading cause of death in the USA, it is still reversible only when identified and treated timely. Studies have shown that stroke is best treated at certified stroke centers because of their streamlined processes and rapid access to both clot busting medications and clot removal technology performed by highly trained specialists.

There are nearly 400+ stroke certified centers with capabilities of advanced clot removal technologies and approximately 1000-1500 qualified neurointerventionalists countrywide.

Since most of the practitioners gravitate towards urban centers this leaves a huge void in the suburban and rural centers for specialized care. With rapid advancement of technology and disease awareness around stroke there is simultaneous demand for the qualified practitioners to fill that gap. Neurocoverage actively strives to do just that- filling the advanced stroke care gap.

Neurocoverage- Providing Advanced Stroke Care Around the Country

Neurocoverage is built on a model to fill that void by providing highly trained and qualified practitioners with training in neurology, radiology and neurosurgery. Neurocoverage physicians work with physicians in hospitals to fill the stroke care gap and are able to provide coverage in multiple centers simultaneously. At Neurocoverage, we strive to go above and beyond, providing a seamless neurointerventional service to hospitals around the country.

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